Linking to Headers in other notes

I’m tryng to Link to Text headers inside an Agenda note but It will only got to the Note and ignores the Markup #tag for the header location.

Is this possible, it is a simple markup feature to link within text, why would it not be supported?


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Usually the answer to “why is trivial feature X not supported” is simple: time is limited and one can only do so much in a day. We have a list that is probably 5 years worth of simple features to go through :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having said that, yes, it would indeed be nice to be able to link to specific paragraphs within a note, something we’d like to make possible.


I understand, thanks for a great app! I guess we always wish for more features and the use cases are all different in using the app. I realize now Agenda is not for long-form note-taking. Having a TOC solves a lot of pains coming back to documents and finding what you need. As in many cases, you don’t even know what to search for in a document if it was for a topic you were taking notes on.

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Hello, just wondering if there is any progress with this? Thanks!

We made some steps under-the-hood, but the links are still at note level at this point in time.

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OK, thank you for the update. Looking forward to this wing implemented. It will be helpful with longer notes.

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