Linking to Files in Finder (for Mac)

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For my job, I use every day the function that allows me to create a link to an external file in the Finder.
For security reasons, Agenda does not allow to open the file directly with the right software. I understand this restriction.
However, isn’t it possible to remove this restriction? Is it Apple that forbids it?
For example, wouldn’t it be possible to open the file directly by clicking on the link while pressing the cmd key?

I will put it in the list to investigate. As far as I know, our app doesn’t have permission to do it. It will be blocked by the system. But perhaps there is some permission we can ask for. Will see. Thanks for the feedback!

One potential solution for creating links to files in the Finder that can be opened from within Agenda would be to use Hook. Hook is a paid app but it has the advantage that it understands links to all sorts of items + it will keep track if the location of the item moves (e.g. moving the file to a different folder). I have no affiliation with Hook, but find it incredibly useful especially when used with Agenda.

Hook Website

Good luck!


Great tip, thanks for sharing!

This is an automatic translation.

Thank you for this comment about the Hook software that I didn’t know. It solves my problem, but I have to pay $17.99…
Currently, I copy the internal link of the local file and paste it into Agenda using a keyboard shortcut and Applescript. It works perfectly, without paying anything… The only feature I’m missing would be that Agenda opens the file directly, like the old version of Evernote did…
I admit that I’m currently using Evernote but I want to give it up, that’s why I’m interested in Agenda.

I looked into this. It’s tricky. In order for this to work, we would need to store special bookmarks for the files you drag in. This is doable, but would only work for links you make on the local machine. It would also stop working if you ever removed the Agenda data from the machine, and installed again. For now, I am leaving it on the back burner.

Fantastic tip! Hook is exactly what i was looking for. I am a faculty in biomedical engineering. I want to use Agenda to keep my projects on flow. But, you talk about papers, you show a presentation, you get an email…. all related to the projects but cannot be “hooked” to each other was the real problem for me. Then, I need to spend time on "where I saved the damn paper we talked in the last meeting” problem every day. This is exactly what I was needing. Thank you @jff!