Linking to cloud files


Short Explanation

  1. While [CNT+drag] File on Mac --> Popup asks --> Enter cloud/alt URL
  2. If Linking starts from iOS --> Popup asks --> Enter macOS File Path

Long Explanation
Linking to a file on mac [CNT+drag] will not offer the same linked file on iOS due to sandbox, is this correct? But you are awesome Devs, surely you’ll find a solution right?

I have a Pages & Numbers docs stored Locally & Mac, & also have these same docs stored on iCloud where they are viewable by others with write permissions.

If I edit docs locally on Mac, with Desktop Pages/Numbers its fine since Agenda is referring back to original file.

Also, when others edit docs via their browser, or if I edit on Pages/Numbers on iOS, original docs on my local HD are updated, even though file path on iCloud would be different.

So. Is there a solution for this? where we can have files linked both on Mac & iOS? Example: When you [CNT+drag]file on mac, a pop-up might appear asking you to manually enter the icloud file path?

Im not a Developer, just thinking how this could be done, if so, it would broaden Agenda’s scope of becoming a central hub/repository of sorts, not just for Pages/Numbers, even for big photo and video files.

I know you guys are putting the hard work into developing the Agenda share menu, maybe this has a possible solution? I guess its a matter of seeing how Apple does the magic voodoo of URL paths. I can even change file names and the links are not broken.

I just bought Agenda today, still learning it, if theres already a solution, disregard this.

It’s a good idea to be able to handle iCloud files differently, so the link works across devices. I think that would be possible. But it presumably wouldn’t be possible for all files, because most are just on your local Mac hard disk.

Perhaps a workaround, albeit not great, is to link to the iCloud file in the cloud, with a web link. That would be accessible on all devices.

We will consider the request and how it might be done. Thanks!


I want to insert a link to a file on icloud drive. Result when clicking: Permission denied.

iPad Pro 2018


Ah. Got it. Needed the link shared with everyone.

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Is there a way to get the iCloud link from Finder on macOS? I actually had no idea that you could get iCloud links at all… I’m curious how this works.

edit: Okay I’ve found out a little bit – I can Share -> Add People -> Copy Link -> add myself -> Share. I’m curious if there’s a faster way to get a direct link to it – that would be really cool.

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:exploding_head: Did not know there was an option to share iCloud files like that. Indeed, just right clicking, going to Share does the trick. Nice!

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