Linking to an email in Apple Mail

So I am sure I’m missing something here but. I created a note inside a project that manages a remodeling project( In Agenda App ). I then dragged an email ( I am on a Mac running the latest everything ), to the note. What showed up was a the title of the email. Not a link to the email. I am pretty sure this can be done and I’ve read a few posts that allude to be able to do what I am attempting with apps like Spark, AirMail. But it is not working for me and I wonder what I am missing.


Not sure, but could this have to do with ”grouped conversations” in Mail? Dragging those into Agenda won’t work. One at a time does.

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A few things to check:

  • This should definitely work with Apple’s built-in Mail app. Other apps may be less successful
  • Dragging a thread/group of emails won’t work. Has to be a single email
  • Dropping in a fixed-width or preformatted area of text won’t work, because links don’t work there

Could any of these explain it?

The way I get this to work is to drag the email from Mail to the Agenda app in the tool bar and drop it on top of the app icon. It opens Agenda with a note created with the link inbedded.

I get the feeling this works only in Mac/iOS Mail and not third party email clients?

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Indeed that route probably only works on Mac