Linking TO a note

Agenda has made it really easy to insert a link from THAT note to THIS note. meaning, I am working in THIS note and I want to link to THAT note.

But what if I am in THIS note and I want to be reminded about THIS note when I get to THAT note in THAT meeting?

I see what you mean, but at the same time would find it hard to think of a way where you could insert a link in that other note without seeing it. It comes close to the back linking discussions in other threads on this community. We do plan to make sure that when you link from THIS note to THAT note, that when you go to THAT note, that THIS note will show up in the related notes section on the right. Don’t think we’ll go as far as changing the text content from THAT note while editing THIS note. Hope that all makes sense :smiley:

Or reciprocal links?

Yes, that’s the same thing as “back linking” or “bi-directional linking”, see this thread: Bidirectional note linking?

Yes yes yes. +11