Linking notes to Calendar events

What I did: tried linking Agenda notes to events in Apple Calendar and Daylite 6

What happened:Links to the notes appeared like magic - but for some reason the links have disappeared and I can’t restore them in Apple Calendar, and I cant get any links to show in Daylite

What I expected: Links to show in Apple and Daylite calendars

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):I have latest Agenda and OS versions

Very odd, is this on Mac or iOS? And the events are still linked to the notes in Agenda itself?

The links are still there in Agenda, and they now show in Apple Calendar, but only in some cases in Daylite, in most cases not. Weird.

One of the main reasons I bought Agenda is that I spend a lot of my time in meetings etc and being able to link notes to my calendar in Agenda is such a brilliant and elegant idea. It would be nice if it actually worked consistently tho!

This starts to sound like an issue with Daylite rather than Agenda, basically the interface between the two programs is what you see in the Calendar app. If it is in the Calendar app but not in Daylite it’s on their end that the problem has arisen. If it’s not in the Calendar app it’s on our side.

Ok, so now Agenda is not syncing reliably with iCal. I make notes on my meetings in Agenda on my iPad, and the links show up sometimes in my iCal calendar but more often not. This is simply maddening, and negates one of my main reasons for getting Agenda in the first place. What is going on here (or not going on)? How do I fix this?


For the events in which no Agenda URL is inserted in the notes field, are these perhaps events with other invitees? Agenda does not insert URLs in these.