Linking notes to Calendar events Exchange

What I did: Tried (Mac and iPad version) to link a note to an Exchange Calendar event with different participants

What happened: No linking in the Calendar event

What I expected: Linking in the Calendar event

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v 5.2, MacOS 10.14.3 Beta as well as iPad iOS 12.2)

With no linking, do you mean you don’t see the icon/link within Agenda, or are you referring to the agenda:// url not being inserted in the event within the Calendar app?

Hi - I’m not the OP, but I wanted to reply to this thread because I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to use Agenda for work with a corporate Office 365 exchange account. My iPad is configured so that my calendar and email are synced with the native Calendar app. I can see all of my events in Agenda. When I link an exchange calendar event to a note the agenda://url is never added into the calendar app planner if the calendar event has any notes present.

If I create a local event on my ipad (synced with a personal Google account) the URL shows up everytime. If I create an exchange event and leave the notes/body empty the URL appears.

The problem is that nearly all of my exchange events has text in the body that becomes notes on iOS (call in numbers/reason for meeting, etc). Is there a way to fix this for my exchange events so the Agenda URL can populate or addend the notes somehow?

Just following up - any updates on this?

Is this event created by yourself or someone else? Are there invitees to the event? If so, Agenda won’t add the Agenda URLs to it as they would trigger event updates for the other invitees and cause confusion on their end. Similarly, if the calendar is read-only we could also not write the agenda url to an event.

Doesn’t sound related per se, if you create an exchange event but add some notes yourself in Outlook or the Calendar app, does it then still refuse to add the URL upon linking to a note in Agenda?