Linking emails to notes

Hi, I need some help linking email in to an Agenda note please when on iPhone. On my iPad I simply drag and drop and it creates a link, but not sure how to achieve the same on iPhone (I did a couple of days ago but not sure how and haven’t been able to replicate!). Many thanks.

Unfortunately iPhone doesn’t allow the kind of split screen and drag and drop actions you can use on iPad. Unless someone else has a solution I don’t think it’s possible to do on iPhone.

@martin.coombs Normally, I use the client email Spark (there are versions both for iOS and Mac) and it is possible to create a link with the email content directly to a Spark server. So, you can paste this link inside any Agenda note. I use it a lot because it allows me to connect directly to the emails I need, threads and attachments included. And you can do it even on the iPhone.

I do a similar thing in airmail - this “special action” will send the email to agenda on the iPad or phone and create a backlink -


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Yes, this is another option. Actually, I use regularly Airmail as my main email client, more than I use Spark. However, as Spark seems to have a server dedicated, I prefer for the links to use Spark.

Since Airmail has both Mac and AOS versions, a link in Agenda will open the email in Airmail on either platform. I don’t need the group mail stuff in Spark. Tried Spark, somehow I’m more comfortable in Airmail.

Hi all, I am using mail Mac and it’s possible to drag the email to the agenda therefore open it from there. Useful?

I think the original question was how to link to an email when using iOS mail app (from ) on an iPhone :wink:

is there any way to do this on iOS using Apple Shortcuts/Workflow to do this?

I had a quick check but currently the Shortcuts app doesn’t have a lot of building blocks to interact with Mail. However we know this is a focus area for Apple so I wouldn’t be surprise if they add more options in the next iOS release, let’s see…

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If you are on a Mac you can use this AppleScript (which I think came from Dr. Drang) to get the Apple Mail link for the foremost mail message:

tell application “Mail”
set selectedMessages to selection
set theMessage to item 1 of selectedMessages
set messageid to message id of theMessage
– Make URL (must use URL-encoded values for “<” and “>”)
set urlText to “message://” & “%3c” & messageid & “%3e”
return urlText
end tell

I have this script in Textexpander to paste the link with one word. I hope this helps.


I can’t get the drag and drop to create the email link to work using iPadOS 13.1.1 and Agenda for IOS 8.0.1. If I do the drag and drop I get a dialog box that says “Importing one item. One Item remaining” with a “progress circle’ that doesn’t progress. pressing ‘cancel’ clears the dialog and cancels the process.

Given it appears to work for marti.coombs is this a bug that has been introduced?

So the problem seems to have gone away. Don’t know if the update iPadOS 13.1.2 was the fix…?

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