Linked event notes field


I hope what I’m saying makes sense.

I’ve seen that once you link a note to a calendar event, a link to the Agenda note is created in the notes field of the calendar event. However, if I change the link to another calendar event and then link another note to the first calendar event, then the notes field of the first calendar event will have links to both notes.

Wouldn’t it be better if, after removing a link between a note and a calendar event, the notes field of that calendar event wouldn’t show the link to the previous Agenda note? I understand there may be other text in hte notes field, so ideally only the link to the Agenda note should be removed.


This sounds like a bug because in principle this is how it should work, if you remove the link to a calendar event it should remove the link in the notes for that events. We’ll investigate why this isn’t working as it should. Thanks for reporting!

Somewhat related but is there anyway to have the Agenda URL created when linking notes to events to save in the ‘URL’ field of the event rather than at the top of the ‘Notes’ field on the actual events in Calendar?

Originally it was in the URL field, but as you can only have one URL per event, that proved a problem with events already containing a URL.