Link to project option

I need some advice for this option of the keyboard menu (see screenshot). When I try to insert the link to a project into the current note, nothing happens.
Thanks in advance and best regards

  • iPadOS 14.3
  • Agenda 12.0 (175) Beta

Hmm. So you have the cursor in the note, and you click on one of those projects, and nothing appear? We will take a look. Thanks!

I have the same issue on iPadOS 14.03, iPad Pro 10.5, and same version of the Agenda app as the original poster. Cannot link to project or individual notes. The linking feature works perfectly on my iPhone 12 Pro.

Thanks for confirming, we’ll dig into it.

+1 I’m experiencing this as well on both iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

Ok, thanks, we’ll have a look.

+1, I have the same issue when working with Agenda 12 on my iPad Pro!

I recorded it for your reference. Thank you

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Update: We found the cause, it should be fixed in the next update.

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@mekentosj, @drewmccormack

You guys are amazing. Thanks a lot! :+1::+1::+1:

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@mekentosj v 12.0.1 installed; inserting links with iPadOS works great now. Thank you!

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