Link to notes in the existing reminder


I am a recent user of the app, so forgive me if the question is very basic. I’ve tried to search through existing issues, but couldn’t find an answer.
I can see that if I add a reminder from within Agenda app, it adds it to Reminders app with a link in the notes that would lead me back to the note. But if I add an existing reminder to Agenda note, no such link is added. Is there any way to paste the link to notes section also in the case when I add existing reminder to a note?

Thank you!

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Any chance you could make a screen recording of how you insert the existing reminder in the note, this helps to find out at which stage the link isn’t created.

Here is the screen recording. First, I tried to verify again that the link in the reminder created within agenda works; and then I show that the link doesn’t get pasted into reminders if created in Reminders app.
dropbox link to the video

Thanks, we’ll have a look!

That is a common issue (more than you can imagine). When a Reminder List is shared with other collegues, they could add a lot of reminders in that List. In that case, if I want attach one note to those reminders the link is not generated…

Ah, this could well be because the reminder has invitees or is on a shared, non-writable list, in both cases we can’t edit the reminder. We’ll check.