Link to Files function for iPad

Hi there,

Is there anyway to create a link to a file saved in Files on my iPad. There is a way to do that on a Mac but not for iPad. Well, I can’t figure it out if there is.

It would be great as this would allow me to annotate the PDF in Files and then create a link to it in my to do list.

I understand that agenda doesn’t want to become a fully functioning app that can edit/ annotate PDFs which I totally understand but at least create a pathway to another app that can. P.s there is definitely a market for an app that can do both.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately the main issue is the limits iPadOS and iOS place on accessing files from a 3rd party apps, it’s unfortunately not as simple as on the mac and requires some special url types we would need to somehow embed. We’re investigating the options but I’m afraid it’s not something to expect soon.