Link to file vs. Create Copy on Mac

What I did: I dragged Excel files to an Agenda note.

What happened: Agenda created a copy of the Excel file and stored it in it’s own subdirectory

What I expected: I thought it would simply create a link to the file.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Mac OS 10.14.2; Agenda 4.0 mac app store.

Why this matters: I share this file and collaborate with others. The changes I make need to update the shared file.

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If you hold the Control key while dragging in the file it will create a link instead of making a copy, just as you would like to see. Keep in mind that that link then only works on the machine where you dragged the file in for obvious reasons.

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Yes, that does it. Thanks.

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Just found this thread after trying to link a large video file in Agenda and getting the warning “Attach this large file to the Agenda note? Large files take up more space in iCloud, and are slow to transfer to other devices.”

Might I suggest that the above warning box would be a great place to also mention this Drag+CTRL shortcut, in case that’s what the user wants to do?

Sounds like a good idea. We will see what we can do. Thanks!

This is driving me crazy! I keep trying this and all that happens is the ‘right click menu’ always pops up. I can’t figure out how to drag while pressing control.

Trick is to start the drag normally, and only hold CTRL when you drop.

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Is there an equivalent option for ’the drag and hold control button to create link to file’ for iPads?

Not at this moment, but then again, in general files aren’t very easily accessible on iPad alas.

They are very accessible through the Files app on my iPad. I find it very easy to use and store all my files on my iCloud account. I just want to be able to create a link to them in the Files app.

The problem is that on iPad the boundaries between apps are much stricter so very likely even if we could create a link between the files we would not easily be able to open the file as the system would likely not allow us to. Something we would need to investigate deeper.

It would also be helpful if pressing control while preparing to drop into the active note showed the little link/alias arrow as cue to the use. Curio does this and it’s hugely helpful for intuitively learning the tool. I cycled through control, option and command trying to figure out the link (I’m new!), and that would have helped a lot.

Will investigate. Thanks!