Link to another note using the Keyboard

In the Agenda 11 beta (and as far as I can remember also in previous versions) it is hard or maybe even impossible to link to another note quickly via the keyboard.

If I select some text and hit ⌘K, the link destination window opens but it is only possible to insert a link.

What I’d like, as a feature request, is an autocomplete field that searches through my notes and gives me the headings + metadata of the notes. Alternatively, I could paste a URL into the textbook and that would also be a valid input.

With the mouse, this is already possible quite easily by right clicking on the selected text -> Link To. It would be great to have those options easily keyboard accessible, too, to avoid the need of putting the hands off the keyboard.


In the meantime I use Keyboard Maestro to show the Note -> Link To menu when pressing ⌥⌘K.

And by the way, nothing happens with cmd-K on the Magic Keyboard (iPad). Even it‘s on the list when holding cmd-Key.


I think it only works with some selected text. It needs to connect the link to the text. Have you tried that?

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Yes. No success.

We’ll have a look.

As to the original request, yes, some way to insert such links using an autocomplete type interface is indeed something we’d like to add.