Link to a note directly from another app

What I did: I tried to link to a note from another app

What happened: I did not find a way to do it.

What I expected: I wanted to link from another app an my Mac to an Agenda note

To get a link to an Agenda note, you can select the note and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link (macOS). There are other ways too (eg cog menu at bottom).

If you want to insert a link to a note in another app, it depends a lot on the app you are linking to. If they support links, just dragging the notes into the Agenda text editor (make sure you see the cursor first) should often work. If not, try dragging it in, and hold down CTRL as you release the dragged note.

Hope that helps!

Hi Drew, thanks a lot. Perfectly answered my question.

Cheers from Nuremberg, Germany

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Glad that helped!