Link reminder to selected note

What I did: In side panel, with a note selected, tapped a reminder. Then tapped “add to selected note”.

What happened: Nothing. The reminder was not inserted or linked in any way that I can tell.

What I expected: For one of the little reminder icons to appear in the note, with the reminder I had already made and was trying to link/add.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 14, iOS 15.4.1, iPhone 12 mini

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look as to why it doesn’t work.

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In 14.1.1 when I have a note selected, and then click on a reminder on the calendar view and Add to Selected Note, the clock icon is added to the note but nothing else. I would think both the title of the reminder and the clock icon would be added (on a new line). Otherwise it’s not obviously looking at the note what the reminder, without clicking on the icon.

It’s indeed a known issue that should be fixed in Agenda 15


Nice, keep up the good work. Any estimate of when Agenda 15 will be released?

We haven’t settled on a final date yet, too early for that, but we’re aiming to have it ship alongside the upcoming Mac and iOS updates.

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