Link Note to Reminder

Can you make it possible to link an existing note to a reminder from the calendar event menu that pops up when selecting the date in upper right of a note.

Current only method I have found to link an already created note to a reminder is via the right calendar pull slide out panel.

I would have expected to be able to tap the date in the upper right corner of note to bring up the calendar events screen. Here I can currently link a to a calendar event but not to a reminder event.

Would be useful to be able to link a note to an existing reminder event in this screen.

Unfortunately no, as the calendar icon implies linking at the note level and you can only have one per note (like the title on the same line applies to the entire note and there can only be one title), while reminders are “linked” (although we don’t use that verb, we use insert) at the text level and you can have multiple of them.

It would be confusing (and a lot more complexity would have to be added) if the calendar popover would also allow reminder insertion. For one, what if you don’t have a selection, where would it go, etc.