Link notability, or any handwritten note app, to agenda

For the last 5 days I have really started jumping in and using Agenda. This is because I have started using Mazec to convert handwriting to text, something that i’ve Been wanting to do ever since I downloaded Agenda. With that want fulfilled, I’ve started using Agenda a lot more and now have run into something i’d Like to see added, or for someone to show me how to do. I use notability for my go to note taking app. I am not asking Agenda to add what notability does to their app, I know they’ve mentioned in other posts that is not exactly what they are going for with their app and the difficulty of trying to create something like that from scratch. I want to figure out how to link a notability note/file to Agenda. I have figured out that I can save my notability as a separate pdf file and add it to Agenda. But what I would like to figure out how to do is link the notability file directly to an agenda event. When I click on that file, I would like for it to be opened up directly in notability and add or delete things on that file in notability. Is such a link possible yet in Agenda? If so, can someone explain how to do it? Or is this something that the Agenda folks will have to work on as adding this as a feature? Thank you for any help.


If notability allows for the equivalent of creating an Agenda link, i.e. a URL that when clicked brings you to the notability note, you could use this to insert in your Agenda notes.


I was wondering if that was something on notability’s part that may need to take place. I’m still trying to understand what lt means to link 2 apps together. I’m just excited about finally using Agenda more, you seem to be getting the blunt of what I wonder about. I’ll have to leave a note with them.

The way apps link is to create URLs, which are nothing more than addresses for resources. Each app usually has a particular “scheme”. Eg. for Agenda, you might have a URL like “agenda://note/123”. This would be an address for the Agenda app, and indicate the note with identity 123.

Each app defines what scheme they have and how they use it. Notability probably has one, so I would ask about whether they support URLs for their notes, that you can paste into other apps.


I’ve been hassling the GoodNotes developers about that for a while. It’d be very helpful.


if you use DevonThink your problem is quickly solved. add your notability folder to Devonthink, and you can then grab a link in the menu and paste it in Agenda, or anywhere you might want/need it. In agenda, click the link, and it opens the file (you may need to tell devonthink to open it in Notability, but that’s just a quick click) I do it all the time. This works for pretty much everything regardless of the app you created it in/work on it in – plonk it in DevonThink and you’re good to go.


Awesome, I’ll have to check that out.

Hello @erusconi111 @alexis, @mekentosj and @drewmccormack. I really enjoy Agenda but my office computer is a windows. I am considering purchasing an iPad + Apple Pencil to take hand written notes and to make Agenda my main notes/task manager app.

Is the Mazec integration with Agenda the DevonThink solution any good? Will the upcoming Apple Pencil integration link to an like notability seemlessly? My decision to purchase an iPad and keep using Agenda is hinged on this.


I don’t have any experience myself with handwriting in Agenda, but others have definitely used third party keyboard handwriting recognition like Nebo and Mazec, so I believe it should work. You should definitely try it first though. Agenda is free, so you just need to borrow an iPad.


if you are wanting to write naturally and have that script be translated into useable type then I cannot recommend Mazec enough - I use it with Agenda, Scrivener, LiquidText and more.

if you want your hand-written notes to remain script/handwritten, then I recommend Nebo (which when you’re ready and with a simple click converts sections or whole pages to type and/or clear line diagrams) which can then be inserted into Agenda.

I use both/all of the above and it gives me lots of flexibility.


Thank you for the response.
How do you export from Nebo or notability into Agenda?

We don’t yet support sharing extensions — it is planned to add this — but you can copy and paste, or export to a file, and then import the file in Agenda.

Nebo has a keyboard extension too, so you can directly use that in Agenda to write your text.

Thank you @drewmccormack. Any preview as to when this will happen?

FYI Nebo no longer has a Keyboard like Mazec

I’m afraid no definite dates, no. It is a high priority, and we hope to get to it second half of the year. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Sorry for the late response, I think I should turn the notifications on. But i’m the same as Alexis, I can’t recommend Mazec enough. It works great for handwriting your notes into Agenda.

Mazec works so excellently on iPad (and iPhone) with Adonit’s “Dash 3” stylus. You really should consider to try it.

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I’m also a big fan of DT. I use it on Mac and iPad with a sync store.
Tried your approach (notability for iOS backups notes in notes format to Dropbox, that folder is indexed in DT for Mac which then syncs to iPad).

I can then copy the item link and paste it into Agenda.

However, clicking that note item in Agenda and opening Notability will create \ import a new note. Is that the way you are doing it or am I missing something?

Wishes for Agenda to get sound recording similar to Notability. That would be killer.