Link in text removed but comes back



What I did:
This text in a note "1 Okt 2014: „ - Vanilla“ (-> including what is an URL)
But I wanted to remove the like -> rightclick -> Remove link

What happened:
The blue color/link disappeared for one, two seconds

What I expected:
No link not only for a few seconds.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
newest versions of MacOS/Agenda


You mean, you were able to remove the link, but then it came back again a few seconds later?

You can turn off the link detection in Edit > Substitutions. If you have it on, I’m afraid links will get recognized again, even if you remove them.

One way to prevent the link recognition in a piece of text is to apply the fixed-width style to that link. Links are not matched in fixed-width or preformatted text.