Link Changes?

What I did: Added a link to a note

What happened: Grammarly stops working

What I expected: Grammarly to work

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I know that this is a grammarly problem but I’m hoping for some help. Grammarly for the Mac and Agenda have worked beutifully together for the last year. Recently I have encountered a weird bug. Any note that has a link causes Grammarly to stop working. Per Grammarly’s website this could be caused due to the App being downloaded through the App Store.

I am hoping the Agenda team can help in a few ways:

  1. Has any changes happened with your link system in any of the recent updates? I was able to test an older version of grammarly that I know worked with Agenda on my wifes computer and ran into the same problem. She is on the latest build of Agenda also.
  2. Can you point me to a link to download Agenda directly so I can test if the issue is from using an App downloaded from the app store?
  3. Any other suggestions would be great.

Hi Justin,

Agenda has quite a complex editor, and Grammarly has to hack into that to work. I am quite surprised it worked at all in the past to be honest.

You should certainly make sure you have the latest Agenda (18.2). Maybe there was a problem we fixed.

It is worth checking in the Settings app under Privacy if Grammarly has the necessary permissions to access other apps. Eg. Check Input Monitoring, Automation. (I guess if Grammarly is working with other apps, this may not be it, but check that Agenda has the same access as other apps.)

We have a non-App Store version at I doubt that it will be much help though, because it has similar security to the Mac App Store version.

Kind regards,

Hey @drewmccormack,

Thank you for reaching out. You were right that the non app store download made no difference. Also Grammarly still works in Agenda as long as there is not a link to a website or another note. Unfortunately I link a ton so it no longer works with 90% of my notes. I will hope Grammarly makes a fix.

On a side note, I do enjoy Grammarly’s AI bot. Probably the main reaosn I even care. I will use it quite a bit to help clean up notes or improve a message. If AI was ever intorduced this is the kind of features I would enjoy .

Thakn you again for the help and suggerstions. Love the product.

Perhaps you could monitor the Console app as you attempt to use Grammarly in a note with link. It might show an error message useful to the Grammarly developers.

In the Console app, you can filter by app. Enter Grammarly and see if something appears there in the system log.

Thank you again for your suggestions. Grammarly has been updated and working as before. I guess what ever was affecting Agenda was causing more wide spread issues. Glad it’s back up and running. I appreciate the support.

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Great to hear!