Line Spacing… Stay spaced!

I love Agenda to death, but copy / pasting is such a challenge!

I write a lot of long form material. When i hit enter, the line break looks large enough that I treat it like a paragraph break. If i double enter, the line break looks giant (so i stopped doing this).

So i keep writing…. When i copy and past the content, the line spacing formatting is thrown off completely. There is no paragraph break, instead it looks like a single line break space.

I played with the view > line spacing > decrease line spacing item.

The issue is, that feature only seems to work with the current opened note.

Anyone have any recommendations to fix this?

Hitting return in Agenda creates a true paragraph break, like it should. In many apps, they don’t have true paragraph spacing, so you end up typing two returns to get space between paragraphs.

If you don’t want a true paragraph break, consider using a line break. On macOS, you get this using CTRL-Enter. On iOS, we have a line break button in the keyboard toolbar under the +.

When we paste text, we collapse double returns down to one return (paragraph break). The assumption is you have copied the text from another app using the double return pattern, and to stop it looking too spaced in Agenda, we remove one return.

If I have not answered the question, can you be more specific about the problem? Where are you copying the text? Can you post a screenshot?