Line spacing redux

I see there has been some feedback about line spacing in general, but an issue I’m having appears to be missing.

I am glad to have an option in the preferences for setting the line spacing, but what about setting the spaces between items in a list? To make those stand out visually, I really need that spacing to be different from the spacing within a given list item or paragraph.

Of course, others might need something different. We all have different eyesight and devices. Since this is a notes app, it would seem that some sort of option would be worthwhile from the point of view of accessibility.

If the concern is cluttering the interface too much, I would be happy with hidden preferences accessible via the terminal, but that would only help on the Mac, not an iPad.

Currently the line spacing preference affects both line spacing and paragraph spacing. We don’t feel that adding separate control over either is something that many users would like to see, and therefore doesn’t warrant the extra feature bloat. If we see more requests like yours we’ll be happy to consider a hidden preference, even though that would only work on mac then.