Line Spacing on Mac

What I did: I just signed up for Premium. I can adjust line spacing on iOS, but it does not go through to the Mac nor can I figure out how to do this on the Mac. I have Agenda 5.0.

What happened: I can’t figure out how to do this.

What I expected: That I could select text and change the line spacing.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 5.0 on the Mac.

The setting is indeed not synced between devices as you might prefer different settings per type of device. On the Mac the option is simply available under the View menu:


Understood and thanks for the pointer to the view menu. I missed that entirely.
May I put in a vote to make this feature a paragraph level feature rather than a device level feature?

May I put in a vote to make this feature a paragraph level feature rather than a device level feature?

Not sure I follow, you would want the ability to change the linespacing on a per project, note, or even paragraph level?

Yes. I was making a list of items under a paragraph, and I really wanted to close up the line spacing in just the list. It just seemed to take up too much room. The rest was fine. That’s my use case.

Well actually I planned to print it out, and that’s probably why I thought it took up too much space. Just on the screen it was fine, but in a document to share at a meeting it was too spaced out.

I also noticed, on my Mac at least, that my changing the line spacing had no effect on how the item printed. Maybe printing is a second class activity to you??


It’s very unlikely we move to such fine grained control, ultimately we’re not trying to replace Word. We’ll have a look at print to adhering to the chosen spacing, thanks for reporting.

Were you using an actual list format, like bullet, number, or checklist? These have no extra paragraph spacing, so the lines are automatically much closer together.

I was not using a list style per se…because I wanted to list items without a bullet in front. Maybe that could be an option?

You mean you would like a bulletless list style?

Yes. Exactly.

I was making a list of attendees who attended a meeting. It just does not seem appropriate to use bullets on a list like this. I ended up using body style paragraphs instead, but that resulted in a list that took up an awful lot of vertical space. This was not a huge problem in the app, but when I printed it out nearly the entire first page was a list of attendees. I guess I could have exported the document to some other app for post-processing, but that’s not elegant. The look and feel of your app is very elegant.

I’m kinda wondering if your direction is to make this a useful application in the context of running meetings. I see that in some of your use cases and in the name of the app. But if that’s not your paradigm, then I’d best adjust my long term expectations.

Note that you can use line breaks instead of paragraph breaks, at least on macOS. To do this, hold CTRL when you press enter. That will lead to closer spacing.

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Drew, Thanks! That really helps out a lot! Perfect, really.

By the way, just noticed this on Mac:

  • Shortcut for increased spacing is opt-cmd-plus, which actually requires pressing shift-opt-cmd-plus in order to get to the plus sign on the +/= key. So far so good.
  • Shortcut for decreased spacing is opt-cmd-minus, which actually requires pressing shift-opt-cmd-minus, and that doesn’t make any sense at all since the minus is lowercase on the _/- key.
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Thanks for the feedback, which language keyboard do you use?

US English, I think.

Thanks, we’ll have a look.