Line Spacing in the Project Sidebar

Hi! I tried searching to see if this was already mentioned but could not find anything. I apologize if it is a repeat.

It would be really great to change the line spacing in the Project Sidebar when using subcategories. When I have subcategories collapsed, there seems to be a lot of space between them. I understand that this communicates separate subcategories, but it would be nice to have the option to reduce that space so more projects are visible!

Is this on Mac or iOS?

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Sorry! This is on the Mac. The iOS spacing seems more proportionate to the screen size!

Ok, thanks for the follow up, not sure we want to change it, but we’ll have a look.

Just adding a +1 to this. I’ve only been using Agenda for a few weeks and I noticed the same thing almost immediately. I have projects inside subcategories inside categories, and even without an absurd amount of projects (~20-25 total inside 3 main categories and 8 subcategories), I feel like I have to do quite a lot of scrolling to get through the list.

The way that the Custom Line Spacing setting is implemented inside individual notes is really well-done, and it would be such an awesome option to have the same customization on the projects side panel. As the OP said, I realize that spacing between Categories and Subcategories is there to quickly communicate visually the difference in groups, but within a given Category/Subcategory, the spacing between individual projects seems really excessive, almost like 1.5 Line Spacing in a Word document, and having it closer to 1.0 would be fantastic for fitting more projects on the screen at one time without so much scrolling.

In a perfect world, one slider could control the Project-to-Project line spacing and one slider could control the Category-to-Category (and Subcategory-to-Subcategory) line spacing?

I don’t think giving that granular level of control would make a lot of sense, instead it would be nice to support the small-medium-large sidebar size option that also the finder as. Can’t promise an ETA as we have higher importance items on the list to tackle first, but noted.