Limits to number of notes

Is there a limit to the number of notes Agenda can handle before it becomes sluggish and cumbersome?
I would like a place to put all my notes

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How many notes are in the set “all my notes”?

around 10,000

That’s a lot of notes for a single project. Agenda will probably struggle with that.

In general, Agenda can handle a lot, but you need to spread notes out over different projects. If everything is in a single project, it will slow down.

I’m getting the spinning beach ball, but don’t have any project with more than maybe 25 notes. I do have some categories with multiple projects, but probably no more than 30 or so. Is there a way to tell how many notes I have overall?

Do some of these notes contain a very large amount of text, very large attachments or tables perhaps?

Not a lot of texts, but what might a very large attachment be?

I’m wanting to use Agenda as the main place I store things (including documents that relate to a person or event). Is there a better way than just to add them to the note?

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