Limits to number of notes

Is there a limit to the number of notes Agenda can handle before it becomes sluggish and cumbersome?
I would like a place to put all my notes

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How many notes are in the set “all my notes”?

around 10,000

That’s a lot of notes for a single project. Agenda will probably struggle with that.

In general, Agenda can handle a lot, but you need to spread notes out over different projects. If everything is in a single project, it will slow down.

I’m getting the spinning beach ball, but don’t have any project with more than maybe 25 notes. I do have some categories with multiple projects, but probably no more than 30 or so. Is there a way to tell how many notes I have overall?

Do some of these notes contain a very large amount of text, very large attachments or tables perhaps?

Not a lot of texts, but what might a very large attachment be?

I’m wanting to use Agenda as the main place I store things (including documents that relate to a person or event). Is there a better way than just to add them to the note?

A single document in a note should not generally be a problem. If you put many documents (eg 50) in a single note, that might slow it down.

If you can find some pattern for when this beachball appears, it might help us find the issue. There could even be a single note that has some form of corruption in it.

It may be worth trying this to remove the preferences file:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  3. Enter this exactly
  4. Drag com.momenta.agenda.macos.plist to the Trash.
  5. Restart the Mac.

Many thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for any patterns, if it starts again.

Love the app!

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