Limits to Note Size?

What I did: Writing long notes

What happened: A bit of latency, time between typing letters and appearing in the note, especially when working on a long note in iOS.

What I expected: To work as I expect in a word processing program.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.3, OS 10.13.6.

Is there a limitation to note size? I worry that the slight latency I experience may mean I am approaching a size limitation.

There is a limit on iOS, yes. It is due to how much can fit in the graphics chip memory, and varies from one device to the next. It is quite big.

The lag you are seeing is unrelated though. That is just the processing of the changes you are making, which can slow things down for big notes. It is something we are definitely planning to improve when we get the chance. For now, a good strategy is just to break the notes up a bit into smaller ones. This also makes things generally more organizable and navigable.


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Thank you for the detailed reply. I will do just as you suggest.