Limited minimum window width

A lot of times, I’m having my notebook app (up to now mainly apple notes) in a quite small window next to my other open windows on my 13inch MacBook.

At the moment it seems the Agenda window takes as a minimum nearly half my screen, what is not very handy. Would be great if it would be possible to further resize the Agenda app window.

Have you tried closing the left/right panels? That may give you more room.

The app is still pretty useable, even for navigation, with just the middle panel.


Thanks, yes I’ve tried this, but I am still not able to resize the window to less then half the width of my screen size.

OK, we’ll look into it.

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A quick heads up, in the next beta/release we allow smaller window sizes, which should also make it easier to use in split screen fullscreen mode.

Awesome, thanks a lot for the heads up! You rock!

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The 1.4 update allows for smaller window sizes, which should make it easier to use in split screen.

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Hi. I’m using a 11.6-inch (1366 x 768) Macbook Air. And the back and continue links are at the very bottom edge of the screen. Would love resizable height.

Could you send a screenshot of your screen with Agenda at the minimum window size?