Limitations in Templates (i.e. file links, background color, etc.)

Just want to be clear that I’m already loving this app and went straight to Lifetime Premium after playing with it for a few days!

Here’s my friction story though:

What I did: I’m new and one of the main draws is the Templates feature.

What happened: I’m getting set up with various templates and running into limitations with formatting. 1) Background color 2) external file links (like iCloud links that work just fine in the notes themselves).

What I expected: I thought that at least the majority of the formatting options available in the Templates option. I would love to be able to make really dynamic templates so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel with daily links to commonly used files, etc.

I’m on the newest version of Agenda and this was in MacOS.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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I too wouldn’t mind a bit of Templates101. I’m in the process of splitting up the sections of my DailyNotesPage from life before Agenda to solve a granularity issue. Quite a bit of day to day linking involved also.

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Glad to hear you like Agenda so much!

Regarding background color, you mean of the entire note or inline formatting? In principle all inline formatting styles should work in templates, and you can also set the background color of a template note in the template editor if you click/tap the orange On the Agenda dot in front of the template title:

Which parts of the external file links doesn’t work? Links should just work as well in templates or am I missing something?

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve figured some of it out since I posted. I think the problem is with the toolbox (from the side gray dot).

When I use it (instead of the toolbar at the top) from inside the Template Manager, it doesn’t give options for highlighting, text colors, etc.

As for the link, I was trying to do an external link to one of my laptop files the other day (using ctrl+drag and drop) and it wasn’t working for me. It would just attach the file instead. Today it was fine, so perhaps pilot error on my part.

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Ah, good find re: formatting palette, we’ll take a look why that isn’t working.