Let subscription expire?

I do not see Agenda on my list of subscriptions in my account in the App Store. So how can I be sure my subscription expires and does not get auto renewed? It seems the app is not evolving much anymore, so I don’t want to keep paying.

Agenda subscriptions work differently and will not autorenew. You keep all premium features that you have already got. See first post here Get All Features

I very much doubt Agenda has stopped evolving!

@trebso is spot on. You can read more about the model in this blogpost from Drew. I don’t think you can say the app has not much evolved if you look at what was added in the past 12 months (attachments, reminders, apple pencil support), but that’s the beauty of this model, there’s no auto-renewal so you’re free to wait until you feel it’s worth paying again.

Evolution is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to software. Agenda is nice, it just hasn’t matured to support what I need it to support. I’ve already posted about what I need, the company said they would review, so I won’t repeat myself.