Left column (project/categories)



many of my project titles are long, too long to get shown complete.
So I found out that the left column has a max. width (not enough to show long titles).
My wish: to make the width of the left column to 100% flexible.
Greetings from Reykjavík,


How much wider would you need it (1.5x, 2x, 3x), it’s unlikely we’ll add no limit at all.


1,5x or (better) 2x is enough. A very long title looks like this one: 2018-025 Die Haustiere und der blaue Bäcker (Jumpberger, 212)
I know it is a long title.


Just to point out, you can mouse over the title, and have it appear as a tooltip.

Something I wanted to ask: if you have titles truncated, do you prefer them truncated at the end, or in the middle?

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The “Mouse over” helps, but :wink: the tooltip could appears little bit „late“. could be faster.
About the question: I do not understand what you mean with „truncated at the end“?!


When I say “truncated at the end”, I mean that the title “Somewhere over the rainbow” would become “Somewhere over…”. An alternative would be to truncate in the middle, to “Somewhere … rainbow”.


Ah, ok. I prefer to truncate the title at the end.


Quick update: The next update should allow for a wider sourcelist.


I may have asked thiis before, but I would very much favor more than just the two levels. In other words, right now you have category and project. I’d like to see category, project and sub-project. This seems to be very common in “notes” applications and it REALLY makes for better organization. I have worked around it, but it’s been a little challenging transferring things from Apple Notes, for instance, where I have a category of COMPANY, projects of Operations, Development, Marketing and Clients. Then sub-projects for each client under the Client project.

Hopefully this is on a wish list somewhere.


Subcategories is something we indeed might add in the future, thanks for the feedback.