Layout Bug + Feedback



1.0 has an interesting layout issue that interacts with scrolling. Opening a section, I run into notes that are not aligned on the left edge, where some are shifted slightly to the right. When scrolling, they will pop back into alignment. Only seems to happen when the project is long enough to be scrollable.

And speaking of note layout, it would be nice if there was a way to set a max width for notes. Going full screen on larger monitors (iMac 27”, or a 34” 21:9 monitor) means the text gets wide enough that it is hard to read. Bear addresses this fairly well, but maybe keeps the line width a bit narrow for my tastes.


That layout issue sounds odd. Have not seen that. Perhaps worth restarting the app. Could be an internal inconsistency.

Reducing width of text in large windows is something we would indeed like to do. Thanks!



Turns out, it looks like the shifting behavior only happens on 10.12. Neat. 10.13 seems to be okay?

Additionally though, if I have a scroll bar in the window because I am not using a trackpad or magic mouse, there’s a small graphical bug on selections. Showing/Hiding related “fixes” it, until I scroll which “breaks” it again. Restarting fixes it until it shows up again.

Attaching a screenshot on that one.

Also present in the screenshot is clipping of the bottom of notes which I’ve seen happen from time to time. Have to restart the app to fix it. The wrong height seems to always be the same height though, so it can clip quite a bit of the note if the note is longer. May be related to the previous bug.

EDIT: I see this may have been fixed in 1.2, I’ll make sure to try that.


Yes, we fixed a lot in 1.2, and have more coming in the next few days with 1.3. Worth installing.