LaTeX support

I would love to see an option in Agenda to export and import notes in LaTeX format.
Whatsmore I think it’s worth implementing support to format notes using LaTeX or at least support writing equations with LaTeX

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What I remember from my science days is that LaTeX is a world on its own, with flavours and variants and huge possibilities, I’m a bit afraid it would be a hard to pick what to support exactly, plus it’s still also for a very specific audience. So what’s perhaps the alternative is to bridge apps in the LaTeX world with Agenda through for example Shortcuts, that way a more flexible and integrated workflow could be created. Have a think about whether there apps/tools that could either directly interact through Shortcuts or that could output something that you could pick up with a Shortcuts workflow.

Fot Math formulas there are several options that make this easier: MathML and KaTeX, so it might be a more manageable task

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+1 for the latex support.
Notion has the latex support, and that is the main reason I’m hesitant to migrate to Agenda from Notion.


LaTeX, at the same time, is a markup language for documents and compiler to generate documents in different formats (i.e., PDF).
To export as a .tex document, I guess, would be a similar effort as implementing exporting to .md. It would simplify workflow for someone using LaTeX a lot since then, it’s basically just putting the exported file in the right directory.
Using LaTeX in Agenda would allow writing complicated equations, which would be great for science users.

Implementing full use of LaTeX with compiling capabilities definitely will be harder since, as you mentioned would require implementing the whole compiler, some apps do that i.e texifier but TBH I don’t know how.

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I study engineering and we have to write physics/maths equation all the time. In Obsidian it’s easy just use $equation_here$ using LaTex/MathJax Syntax.

Would love to see this feature implemented in Agenda.

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