Latex rendering

Hi Agenda team,

Agenda is just indispensible for me thanks to its great combination of note-taking, calendar and reminder sync. It would be the perfect app for me if I could add Latex to the notes, for now I have to use Obsidian or other tools for that. I would be happy already if there was just Latex rendering without any special input support (similar to Obsidian) where formulas can just be entere between $-signs and blocks between $$.


We regularly get requests for Latex support, but it’s a bit of a world on its own. Can’t promise we’ll add it very soon, but we might offer ways to add support in the future.

It is difficult for me to keep track of physics projects and tasks without some math editing capability. It doesn’t have to be TeX based — Mathematica has its own math entry format, for example —— although TeX would be preference.

The whole LaTeX package isn’t really necessary, in my opinion. TeX symbols and inline equations ($\delta$ and $E=mc^2$ for example) would suffice. See for example (elegant) or GitHub flavored markdown.

Even if we added something, realistically it wouldn’t be very good. An equation editor is a category of app unto itself. We don’t have the resources of a Mathematica to add a good equation editor, especially as only a small percentage of our customers need it. Latex is probably the best option we have, but it has other problems…

Our advice is usually to setup an equation editor you like, and use that to generate images of the equations. You can also embed the equation document directly into Agenda, so you can edit it later.

We will see what we can do with equations. Perhaps there is a web integration we can do.