Large file size

What I did: Created a note and attached 13 images of about 3 - 4 MB each. On discovering how slow this made the note I deleted them and replaced them with reduced sized images of about 350 KB each. I did this a few times until I got the file size right. The text is about three paras.

What happened: The file size of the note is much larger than the about 5 MB worth of images. Please the attached screen shot.

What I expected: I assumed that when I deleted the images the overall file size would reduce. The file size issue is important because Agenda notes slow down a lot when the file size increases significantly.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    iOS 12 - iPad Air 2 - latest version of Agenda

Agenda does not remove the old images at this point. We will consider if we can do this in future. Thanks for the feedback!

What happens is that the original attachments are kept on disk (in fact, all edits of text are kept in a history, and this includes the attachments), hence the larger file size than expected. However, for the slowness it only matters how many and which attachments are present in the text, older attachments that are no longer in the text won’t affect performance. Neither for syncing, nor for loading of the project and notes.

Thanks for the explanation. I respectfully say that this is a serious design flaw. Even if speeds will not suffer with the increased file size, if I make any changes by deleting images the disk space/iCloud storage will dramatically increase unnecessarily. Please consider looking into this.