Lags while typing

What I did: when i open new project,or just typing in exisiting one

What happened: there is lag ,sometimes agenda is frozen for a few seconds

What I expected: smooth typing

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):ipad ios 14.4.2

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Is this right after switching to Agenda from another app? Could it be that it’s syncing changes from another device?

mac端没有问题,但iPhone端和iPad端,编辑较大文档明显卡顿,如果切换到较小文档,卡顿明显降低。文档大小!截屏2021-04-19 13.03.22

Hello, it is happening regardles of sequence of opening. Even after restarting ipad. Agenda is installed only on this device.

Is this indeed happening predominantly if the apps opens at the On the Agenda overview? Or on a project that is very long? In terms of performance, Agenda isn’t optimised for notes with thousands of words, it’s better to separate those in multiple notes, for instance one per chapter or segment. Similarly, we don’t advise to create projects with hundreds of notes, it’s better to divide these over multiple projects.