Lack of better search is a showstopper for me

Relative the the discussion on Open Tasks search, the fundamental limitation of search is now a complete showstopper for me as more and more meeting notes are building up.

I realized I can search via implicit “AND” with multiple tags, or implicit “AND” with multiple mentions. But I cannot mix and match tags and mentions. Nor can I search on a tag and quoted text. And of course, we’ve discussed that the search, whatever it is, returns an entire note, and you need to scan down the yellow highlights or go Next (CMD-G) etc to move along for the tags or mentions. I, like others, wish only “partial” text was an option to show in search.

I know better search is coming, so I am going to hold off on implementing Agenda for my workflow unfortunately. A shame, as I love the Reminder/Events integration, dated notes attached to Reminders and events, etc.

@drewmccormack, is there even a ballpark timeframe when better search is coming? Version 11? this year? 6 months? Any timeframe?


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we would also like to improve the Search. We have thought a lot about it, and even have designs ready. But it is a big project, amongst several big projects. It’s a high priority, so I expect we will get to it sooner or later, but providing any sort of timeframe is really pointless. Software is difficult to predict out more than a few months. Things come up; take longer than expected; Apple changes things — you name it. If I put any figure on it, you will just get angry if we don’t hit the deadline.

If you have to use something else in the meantime, that’s understandable. Hopefully you will take another look when we do get the new search implemented.

Kind regards,

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I have the same problem, of course.

For now I use a workaround by making an overview of (maybe) two tags which I then can search for people, particular words or what have you.

When done, I ditch the overview.

@drewmccormack, understand, I am in the software business :slight_smile:.

@robbie07, I think I see what you are saying. I might try that. Still cumbersome, but a workaround nonetheless.

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