Keys "Page up" and „Page down" do not work inside a note

The arrow keys „home“, „end“, "page up“ and "page down“ (above the normal arrow keys) do not work when editing the text of a note. It is not possible e.g. to jump to the end of the text inside a note. Is this this correct?
I use the (old, with cable) Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

I investigated this a few weeks ago. If I recall correctly, it actually does work, but you need a note that is long enough. Has to be a page of text in the note above/below to use the command.

I think what people may be expecting is that it will jump into other notes. People are perhaps thinking of it as a scrolling command, when that is actually not really what it is. It is text navigation, and thus works within the current body of text.

Perhaps we could consider just making it a scrolling command, but then what do you do with the cursor? Put it in the new note, and select that note? Not really clear to me. I’m not sure it is expected that page down would change your note selection.

In my case, I edited a note with about 50 lines. I wanted to jump to the end of the note to add text at the end of this note.

When editing a note (cursor in the text field) I expected following behaviour:

  • home“/“end” -> moves the cursor (or only the view changes and keeps the cursor at its actual position) to the begin/end of the note and
  • page up“/„page down“ -> moves the cursor (or only the view changes and keeps the cursor at its actual position) partly up/down inside a note.
  • In Word the cursor jumps to a new position, in Pages only the view changes and the cursor stays at its position. Personally I prefer that the cursor jumps to the new position because in most of the cases I want to add or change text.

Following behaviour when scrolling in the list of notes resp. the focus is on the notes list (not editing a note):

  • home“/“end” -> jump to first/last note inside a project (without unselecting a former selected note!) and
  • page up“/„page down“ -> jump partly up/down (without unselecting a former selected note!)
  • In case a note is selected, keep this selection! Using regular/normal up/down-keys the note above/next becomes selected. This means also the view focuses on this newly selected note.
  • You already use this behaviour when using „home“, „end“, "page up“ and "page down“ in the left project panel.
  • This behaviour is similar to Lightroom inside the Library when you have lots of pictures.

AFAIK we didn’t do anything special to support this in the side panel. It is just the default behavior Apple have.

The notes panel is also a list, but I suspect it doesn’t work there because it is quite a complete one, with editable content.

We will think about this. Maybe the Pages approach is the most straightforward, namely, we don’t change any selection/cursor, but just scroll the list. At least for the page up/down. For home/end, you could perhaps distinguish between whether the cursor is in a note or note, and change that behavior accordingly.

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