Keyboard Shortcuts / Menu Items

The app is really good, has a very clean user interface.

For Mac apps I tend to use keyboard shortcuts a lot as it is faster than using the mouse.

I can’t seem to find shortcuts for the following:

  • Marking a task as done and undone.
  • I can choose the calendar date (Command Shift D) but I can’t select the date using the arrow keys as the focus is not on the calendar.


  • It would be nice to add menu items for the above so that users can customize shortcuts if they wish to.
  • Also it would be nice to be able to enter the date as
    @today or @Feb2 and the app recognize the dates.

Better keyboard support to navigate / access the features of the app would really help. Even better if menu items are added for them.


This is good feedback. Thanks!

Indeed, the “Mark as Checked” or similar is missing. We just didn’t get to it yet. We need that to do multiple lines, and didn’t have that implemented just yet. Coming soon.

Have heard the request for dates a few times. We do have tags that can represent dates (eg due). Would that solve the problem for you? Ie perhaps a tag like #date(2 Feb 2020). Or would you prefer a Person like tag especially for dates?

What I wanted to do:

  • I wanted to provide a date to the note that was created.
  • I am using it more like a daily log.
  • This can be done with the app but I need to use the mouse to select the date from the calendar.

Given below is what I had in my mind, may be others have a better idea.

Based on my usage of the app I noticed the following entities:

  • tags (prefixed by #)
  • assign person (prefixed by @)
  • date of creation of the note (possible to assign today or possible to select from the calendar using the mouse)

It would be nice to have a unified approach, if you could use predefined tags to do some specific things.

#today (will assign current date to the note)
similarly #tomorrow, #yesterday

That way when # is added at the title of a note, then it would apply at the note level.
When # is added at the task level it could serve as a due date for the task.

Example Title of the note:
Shopping List @today

Then after hitting enter / space, @today note gets assigned today’s date

Prompt previously created tags / persons
Presently #, @ don’t prompt previously created tags / persons with autocomplete.

For example in this forum when you type @ it prompts with a set of suggestions.


OK, thanks. Interesting ideas. We will take them on board.


I’d find it really useful to be able to type in dates (e.g. Omnifocus does this really well) and it would be phenomenal if Agenda could scan the text and suggest dates.

Love this app.

Hello, I’m using this on my iPad Pro with a keyboard, and i noticed the shortcuts don’t really work the one i have the most problems with is with shortcuts like cmd+b or cmd+u, that’s the only thing i can think of thank you for your time.

Thank you for reporting this. I will be investigating.

Hi! Any update on the “Mark as checked” shortcut?

Marked as Checked should be there, you find it under Format > Lists > Marked as Checked, and has the Command-Control-C keyboard shortcut.

Oh sorry I was not clear on it. I meant the iOS version, iPad Pro. I just tried Command-Control-C and it does not seem to work?

Hmm, thanks for the follow up, we’ll investigate.