Keyboard shortcut to mark a checklist as checked

I welcome the love given to keyboard users in the latest update. Perhaps a keyboad shortcut to mark a checklist item as checked?

As a suggestion, it can also be the same keyboard shortcut that will cycle between [None] → [Checklist] → [Checked] → [None]

On the Mac at least, you can just use the keyboard shortcut from Edit > Checklist. Namely SHIFT-CMD-C. Is that what you are looking for?

Ah sorry I’m not being clear. The SHIFT-CMD-C works but only on creating the checklist item. There is no way (known to me) to make the checklist as done. I have to manually click or tap on the checkbox.

So no, the current key shortcut is not what I’m looking for. :confused:

ctrl-cmd-c will check/uncheck a checklist item.

(I believe that’s what @drewmccormack had in mind given that he referenced the Edit -> Checklist menu, where you’ll find the command Mark As Checked among other things)

Yes, sorry. As @Pat_Maddox said, I just mentioned the wrong command. You can find them all in the menus.

Ah thank you, this is what I need on the Mac. However, I worked 85% of the time from my iPad and it seems the keyboard shortcut does not work there.

So with a slight adjustment, can we have the same keyboard shortcut for the iPad?

Thank you so much, Agenda has grown to be a mature product that I can rely on everyday.

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Ah, OK, that makes sense. Will see if we can add it there too. Thanks for reporting this.