Keyboard shortcut for checklist not working (macOS)

When i use keyboard shortcut that is listed for checklist (Shift+Command+C) I don’t get a checklist. Instead a little grey window pops up, titled ‘Paste Stack’. No idea what this is for!!
But I do almost everything in checklists, so this really is a kind of deal breaker….
Anyone else have this experience, or know what to do?

Hi Don,

It is working here fine, and we don’t hear from others about it, so could it be you have some other piece of software that is “stealing” the keyboard shortcut. With some apps, you can set global shortcuts. Perhaps that I what you are seeing.

“Paste Stack” is not term we use anywhere in the app, so I would guess some other app is doing this. Try to locate that app.

Also, you can set global shortcuts in the System Preferences. Perhaps you once setup a shortcut there. Worth looking.

Note there are other ways to make a quick checklist. My favorite is to type [ ] then a space.

Kind regards,

Hi many thanks for the response - and you were right. It took some searching but I traced the shortcut to an obscure programme called……Paste!

And yes [ ] space is probably the best solution anyway - I should have rmemebered that from Obsidian!

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