Keyboard short cut with date crashed Agenda

What I did: Used a keyboard short cut I created
Shortcut: …y
Expands to: #due(today)

What happened:

Due tag created with date, but no closing bracket and long orange highlight
Clicking the tag crashed the app

What I expected:
To create a #due(today) showing today’s date

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 1.4 MacStore
OS 10.13.3

Do you mean you created this shortcut in the system preferences under text replacements?

Yes. in system prefs

Does it do this whenever you use the shortcut, or is it only when you, for example, add the tag at the end of a line, or on the last line?

Can you play a bit and see if it is always the same issue, or whether it is some particular case that crashes?


Tried it in various places - beginning of a line, end of line. A line between other lines.

Every time it crashes. Sometimes immediately. Sometimes keyboard is unresponsive for a few seconds, sometimes is generates odd letters like accented capital E. And then it crashes.

Other short cuts work fine.

I just tested this in our new beta, and it didn’t crash for me. Are you using the betas? If so, could you install the new one and try that?

To get betas, you need to be using our web site download, and change the setting to check for betas in the preferences.

I’m using AppStore. For now I think I’ll just not use the short cut and see
how it works in the next version.

This is fixed in 2.0 AppStore! :+1:

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Well I wish it could work as text replacement also or maybe this is just how it is supposed to work. Please enlighten me! :smiley:

If I setup ‘dt’ to be replaced with #due(today) in System Preferences > Keyboard,

  1. when I type dt, it is then replaced with #due(today)
  2. then I have to press the keys backspace and space to make it work

I type

shortcut SPACEBAR.

The spacebar activates the tag.

For text replacement, pressing the space bar twice also works.

The normal behaviour should be to press the space bar once like for shortcuts.