Keyboard navigation wraps around top and bottom

Earlier today I wanted to reach the bottom of a pretty long note I was editing. Since it was the last note in the active view, I held the down arrow on my keyboard. When the cursor reached the last line of the note, instead of stopping there, it went back all the way up to the first line of the first note in the active view.

I realized that in Agenda hitting the up key when on the first line of the first note gets you to the last line of the last note, and vice versa. Is this on purpose? I might be mistaken, but I think this is inconsistent with every other app under the sun, whether you look at the active view as a standalone document (hitting down on the last line of a word document does not move you to the top) or as a list of notes (hitting down on the last selected email does not select the first).

That’s indeed not great, we’ll see if we can make it stop at the end instead of looping to the top, thanks for pointing this out.

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With regards to the jumping to the next note, we feel this is the desired behaviour as we consider all notes in a project to be in essence a single “document”, they’re just sections in say a word document. But you are right in that once at the top you should move to the bottom of the document or vice versa

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Totally agree, no problem with this