Keyboard navigation of the autocomplete popover

Often I use this popover to link to a project. To do so I must first navigate within the project (with the keyboard), and then select the project title (at the top).

Most of my projects have a note pinned to the top. The popover shows that pinned note with a different background color, but it does not show that note pinned to the top: instead it shows that note mixed among the othe notes.

Because the background color of pinned-to-top notes is the same background color as the current keyboard selection, I get confused because it looks like that note is selected, and my first reaction is always to hit the “up” keyboard key, trying to move the selection to the project title. But since in reality there is no current selection, hitting the up key dismisses the popover entirely :-/

Capture d’écran 2023-02-13 à 11.15.47
one of those notes is pinned to the top, the other is the current keyboard selection

I’m not sure what the correct solution is, but it would mitigate the problem if : 1) pinned-to-top notes would appear as pinned to top in the popover, and 2) if the project title was already preselected when you navigate within a project with the keyboard in that popover.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve now fixed the ordering of the menu, will see if I can make it auto-select the project title

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Thanks a lot for the update, it’s very nice :+1:

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