Keyboard navigation in [[ popover (fixed)

If I type [[ to open the note link popover, I can type the first few letters of a project and filter the list. I then can use the up/down keyboard arrows to select a project or a note in the filtered list. But hitting the right keyboard arrow dismisses the popover.

I would like to be able to use the right arrow to enter a project in the filtered popover, so I can select a note within that project. I often know in which project is the note I want to link to (so I can find it quickly via typing) but not the name of the note I want to link to (so it’s easier to find it in a popover list).

It does work like that if you haven’t typed anything yet, but indeed doesn’t yet if you did already filter down things. We’ll try to make it also work in the filtered state. Thanks for the feedback.

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As of Agenda 14.1 this is now working as described above. Thanks a lot!

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