It would be pretty cool to add a KANBAN feature to this amazing app


I can see why that would be useful but I’m afraid it would be outside the scope of Agenda. Perhaps some form of plugin or integration with a 3rd party tool could be the solution at some point.

Could really be that hard? 3 or 4 vertical swimming lanes that notes could be moved around in?

Can’t be beyond the realm of possibility but just a suggestion anyway

Thanks for the reply

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility but it’s a matter of scope, i.e. we don’t want Agenda to become everything and the kitchen sink. A dedicated app is probably better suited in this case.

Topic Revival w/possible solution:

I’m just going to ask, not for you to implement Kanban or any other project management feature beyond what already exists, except to say I would rather see you work on collaboration :wink: but, how feasible is it for integration with an App like Merlin by Project Wizard (also Mac only).

I would love to see an App that took on the integrated PIM sector, giving us back the abilities of Claris Organizer/Palm Organizer of days gone past, at a reasonable price, but…I could probably live with a well integrated Merlin and Agenda, Merlin offering the visual Kanban, Mindmap, Gannt (timeline), Pert/flowchart, time planning and tracking features with Agenda being a great text oriented documentation tool that can also plan and record extensive information.

Not sure how far apart your respective apps are from being able to do this, but if it were possible, I’d think you could both benefit, both from sharing of knowledge perspective, in addition to increased exposure and utility.

And, (hint) Merlin has MagicSync which might be a path for Agenda to the collaboration we seek, which works with iCloud and DropBox (for syncing with iOS versions of it’s app).

And it also integrates with Calendar and Reminders, though not as well as Agenda does.

Now all that said, I have not tried (yet) to see how well Merlin and Agenda might already integrate in useful ways, so if anyone out there is working with both, I’d love to hear what you think.


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Agenda’s Collaboration and HookMark to Merlin Project might be the path to Kanban plus…

I’ve got the perfect solution to kanban integration and have been using it succesfully for a while. I could write a separate post about it, but I’ll share here for now.

I use the app GoodTask. It has an excellent Kanban feature that can turn any Apple Reminders list into a Kanban. You can create however many stages or states that you want and what to call each one.

My workflow is that I create Reminders tasks in Agenda and assign them to one of my Remiders lists that is set up in GoodTask as a Kanban. For example, I’m a software developer so I create a Reminder for each new feature and then in GoodTask move it through the different stages of development. It works great!