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Hi, there.

I really like this app, and I keep trying to make it my only note app choice. Here’s the one function that is missing though. Kanban view is very important as I use it to generate my weekly planning matrix. Also, I use it to monitor the progress of my projects.

I hope this rings a bell to you.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jack,

A complete card-like or Kanban style view is probably outside the scope of Agenda we feel. Instead we would suggest to use a dedicated tool and link up Agenda with it using for example Agenda links to your notes (for easy referencing) and/or Shortcuts integration.

I don’t know if this is completely wrong or suits your case, but I have a few ideas here on how you could make a Kanban view with your agenda notes, which I would use.

With iOS 17 (expected September 2023), there will be a Kanban view in the Reminders app (Apple calls it “Sections” and “Column View”, but the principle is identical) - with which you could design your planning. You would then have these notes directly as a task, if this is important to you. You can create the reminders directly in the Agenda app and put them in a list, but you have to select sections yourself in the Reminders app. (Unfortunately, there is no way to filter notes in agenda with the shortcuts by tags and to automatically convert notes into tasks with automations)
Alternatively, there is also GoodTask, which has a Kanban view, but has a one-time-purchase, but would work with the Reminders Database.

Alternatively, if you have macOS or iPadOS (ideally with Stage Manager), you can also “save search” and tag the notes for the Kanban view accordingly and open them in their corresponding windows and thus see them all as long as they are tagged. (This is a bit inconvenient because you can’t create categories for searches, but I hope that this will follow in the search update)

Very alternative and associated with more of own work and maintenance, but you could also use Apple’s Freeform app. You can copy the agenda links and paste them into the Freeform app, which can lead you directly to the note (maybe also to paragraphs at some point). You have to design everything yourself there (actually only titles and lines, if that’s enough for you), but you also have an infinite canvas, can insert all files, pictures, etc. and integrate them into the Kanban View. Then only the notes and files that you really need for the view would be linked there and you can use it as a whiteboard for the project, but accordingly also a detour.

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Thanks 721,
This is the first I heard of this; almost enough to ake me want to try the beta…

If you use the Home Widget, Mail App, Find My or the Weather App in any way - then you should definitely wait a few betas. These Apps destroy my battery the whole day in the background. Everything else is fine for me, but I never experience much issues with crashes (apps or system).

Not to worry; I don’t have a spare phone that will run it so… I’ll probably wait until it’s released. But I did read up on it, and it looks like it’s going to add a significant level of usability.

I wonder if there’s any added functionality for developers that sync, like the A team.

Kanban is something I know of but not a lot about, so maybe what I’m about to say makes no sense, but …
Kanban is about stages where parts of projects find themselves in. So for example “1. planning”, “2. delivery”, “3. monitor”.
If you were to convert these stages into tags and create overviews for each one, wouldn’t that make Agenda go Kanban?


Hey, guys, I post this request because I find Kanban view incredibly useful inside Todoist.
But I don’t want to put my weekly planning matrix in Todoist as I plan to put them in a note app.
With the introduction of Agenda 18 and colour coding, although I don’t have Kanban view, I now have a labelling system that can temporarily replace tagging for displaying the status of a note card.

I’m still working on better ways to manage my project support notes. I hope Agenda getting better.