Just updated to Agenda v6 Public release from Beta version

What I did: Updated to Public version of Agenda v6

What happened: screen shot with sample Note

What I expected: Normal operation of Note entry

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda v6 Public version
iPad OS 13 Public Beta 2
iPad 2018

Here’s the full body of the Note which does not appear in the screen grab-

Ok! This is something new for me. I’m using iPad OS 13 PUBLIC Beta 2 along with the very recent Agenda v6 PUBLIC release. With the first attempt to create a new Note, I encountered this ‘new’ screen. White text box with really crappy font bordered by what I describe as Dark Mode border and ORANGE icons.

  2. The result possibly of using iPad Beta catching up with me.

p.s. Agenda returns to normal appearance when I have NO Note selected and returns to this anomaly whenever I select a Note and the the on screen keyboard is present (UGLY!!!)

You’re expecting an app explicitly released for iOS 12 to work perfectly on beta iPadOS?

It’s not an Agenda issue, it’s the beta of iPadOS. I see this behavior in many apps, Things 3, etc., even when editing the name of a task in Reminders.app.

No. I’m alerting the developers to an issue they might also encounter with iPad OS that THEY might want to notify Apple about in Apple’s Beta process so that it can be corrected. I am aware that Beta is for testing.

Thanks jgregjones. I’ve not seen this issue previously in any of my other apps.

Thanks for letting us know. I think Apple are probably aware of the issue, if it is happening in many apps. No doubt related to the new dark mode.

We will be working on dark mode in the coming month or so, and will see if the issue is resolved.

Issue persists with the release of iPadOS 13 Public Beta 2.