Just taking a moment to express gratitude…

This app has changed my life.

I’m still learning how to best use it, but it has turned my jobs from nightmares into the smoothest running projects. Stress from trying to remember things, and looking up things in a half dozen different places is just gone. This has everything I need. I have immediate answers for my clients. No more looking up texts and emails. No more scrolling through endless photos to find job related images. Invoices sent? There. Plans? There. Payments received?

I have turned down more complex work in the past simply because the organization and administration was overwhelming. This changes that.

This is an extraordinary app and system, and even more extraordinary in its simplicity and flexibility.

Thank you so much.

I do have one small feature request, and it may already be there. Is there a way to view many documents or photos as a gallery, or rows side by side, rather than in line, one after the other?


Wow, that’s a glowing report! Thanks! Glad Agenda is working so well for your workflow.

We don’t have a gallery view at this point. If you put a bunch of images together as thumbnails, they do line up on a single line.

I guess you want to see all the images in a particular project, or something like that, correct? Can you give a use case for this? Eg. Do you just want to look at your photos, or do you have some other use case in mind, like searching for something?

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I don’t want to have hundreds of photos, maybe 25-50 or so, documenting the stages of the work. The thumbnail and title option seems to work best. If they could be displayed in a grid or something similar, that seems ideal.

Thanks so much!

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You might like our 16.1 update, due this week. It allows you to have multiple full-width images on a single line (when they fit). So you can pick, say “25%” for the width, and you would see several images on a single line.

It still isn’t a summary of all the images, but may help if you have a group of images.

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