Jump links using square brackets



I wonder of Agenda could introduce [[links]] where the title or a title keyword in double square brackets acts as the link?

Like NotePlan and Bear?

I have found that this is a quick and effective way to link related material. Not a wiki, but borrowing from that concept.


Interesting idea. Does it still work if you change the title of the note?

We have Agenda Links that server a similar purpose. You can create a link and paste it anywhere in Agenda, or any other app, in order to jump back to a note or project.


The link name is critical (Bear will find and auto-complete it). If the title of the note changes, the link is broken – typically it will create a new note.

However, the [[note name]] link is extremely neat and fast, and quite Markdown-like.


Quip does something similar - just type @ and then start typing words from the title of another note to create a link. It automatically updates if the note title changes. I’d love to see this in Agenda.


How do you create links from one note to another note in Agenda using the iOS app?


Tap cog button at the bottom of the note, and use Copy Agenda Link. Paste in the other note.

We have plans to have a direct Link To… type menu like the Mac in future.