Jump cursor

What I did:

What happened: When i click Cmd+Z (Undo), the cursor jumps to the end of the note.

What I expected: The cursor should stay in the same place where it was.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): ver. 2.3. from MacAppStore. MacOS 10.13.6.

What were you undoing? For certain changes, it may not be possible to leave the cursor in the same place.

I THINK I have experienced a related problem. I have a template that looks like this:




Out of habit, I attempt to “tab” through the fields by mistake. The first unexpected behavior is that hitting tab at the end of the line (e.g., “Date: 8/3/18”) causes the entire line to indent, rather than simply adding a tab at the end of the line. So, I try “undo” to un-indent the line (which works), but this also deletes the “8/3/18” and moves the cursor to a position in the middle of the first word on the next line. Very odd!